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The 9th Annual Marco Polo Festival Silk Road Ambassador Awards Gala at Joy Luck Restaurant

The Silk Road Ambassadors honored were:

1 -  Council Member Margaret Chin
2 - Karen King, Allevia Dairy at Grand Street
3 - Harvard Tang family at Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Join us for a fun evening as our models walk the runway showcasing beautiful qipao dresses. Enjoy a buffet dinner and lively entertainment with a lion dance, music
and dance performances. 
DSNY Proposed Rule Relating to the Expansion of Organic Waste Source Separation Requirements for Large Commercial Food Retailers and Food Service Establishments
12月6日14:00 - 16:00 EST

Part of Manhattan DA Chinatown Worskhop Series
For more info, please call 212-338-9266.

October 23 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

This four-part course, which combines two classroom sessions with two Lower East Side walking tours, examines the creative ways the Lower East Side immigrant community responded to the area's overcrowding, oppressive heat and cold, and poor ventilation.  Residents took to the streets as fire escapes became bedrooms, stoops doubled as living rooms, storefronts became social halls, and streets like Hester and Orchard Street presaged contemporary shopping malls.

October 22 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

What was it like to be a kid growing up on the Lower East Side in the early 20th century? Find out as we follow in the footsteps of Ella, Henny, Sarah, Charlotte, and Gertie, the beloved sisters depicted in Sydney Taylor's children's classic All-of- a-Kind Family.  Stroll through the story and onto the streets as we visit the spots where the children played, prayed, and purchased their pickles and candy.

October 19 @ 11:00 am - 12:30 pm

Bring your questions and opinions as we explore a variety of Jewish texts and issues-often related to the weekly Torah portion or its accompanying reading from the Prophets, but sometimes a Biblical or Rabbinic text that raises questions of contemporary interest. Knowledge of Hebrew and previous Torah study are not required.

A Deal
Nov 15 to Dec 10, 2017
By Zhu Yi | Directed by John Giampietro

A DEAL is a dark comedy that features a Chinese family's home buying journey in New York in winter 2015, a time of increased real estate property ownership by overseas Chinese and a sharp decline in the value of the RMB against the US dollar. It reveals the ideological conflicts between the East and the West in contemporary society by tracking a little stream of the global cash flow. 

By 陳小寧



Welcome to "The Story We Share," a series of Q&As that profile two people with similar identities  but who live in very different places. As part of HuffPost's Listen To America tour, we're exploring how people's lived experiences overlap and diverge depending on their zip codes. What is the "American Experience"? It depends where you look. 

Giants steps I was born in 1960 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My parents were from China but met at university in Taiwan and got married before emigrating to the United States. I have two sisters, one older, one younger.
I was eight years old when I saw the Apollo moon landing in 1969. I was riveted. We watched it all afternoon; it was so amazing to go out, look up and realise that, almost a quarter of a million miles away, two astronauts were getting ready to take their first steps on the moon. I've always been interested in space rockets and airplanes, but that's where the dream started.

華裔夢想生:我坐紐約地鐵長大 不想離開
By  俞姝含


On Saturday, October 21st from 11:00AM - 3:00PM, Two Bridges Neighborhood Council will host the 9th Annual Marco Polo Festival Procession and Grand Street Stage Performances. Witness the breathtaking procession of large-scale Marco Polo and Kublai Khan marionettes and the magnificent hand-painted 50 foot long Silk Road banner parade through the streets of Chinatown & Little Italy by local youth and musicians. The pageant procession ends at the Grand Street Stage where a unique combination of music and cultural performances takes place. Programming includes traditional Chinese & Italian Opera, folk dances, contemporary Chinese & Italian instrumental performances  and more!


Ai Weiwei is many things - a restless artist in all media, China's most prominent dissident, and a compulsive Instagrammer - but he's a New Yorker, too.
He lived here for a decade back in the 1980s and early 1990s. You can tell by the way he casually jaywalks through Greenwich Village without needing to reallylook at the traffic.


韓裔名廚博文(Danny Bowien)在曼哈頓華埠東百老匯開川菜館「龍山小館」(Mission Chinese Food),跳脫傳統中餐的料理思維,以創新的手法結合東西方食材,改變了中式菜餚在一般人心中的地位,更讓該餐廳成為紐約時報2018年十大餐廳之一。鮑恩日前更透露,預計明年3月將在布碌崙布許維克(Bushwick)開新分店,令許多老饕相當期待。


The son of one of New York's legendary Chinese restaurants has something to prove. After Hwa Yuan closed years ago and seminal Chinese restaurateur Shorty Tang died, his son Chen Lieh Tang, now 65, will reopen the restaurant on Thursday in the very same location. The sprawling space at 42 East Broadway has three floors, with more than 160 seats that Tang wants to fill with young people, dignitaries, and more - just like the old Hwa Yuan did.


A favorite noodle destination of mine for over a decade, Sheng Wang in Chinatown has undergone a name change to Hong Man - an evolution of the hand-pulled noodle shop to include the original's extensive soup menu, with the addition of Fujianese classics and seafood.


HWA YUAN SZECHUAN Chen Lieh Tang is back to opening restaurants. His father, Yun Fa Tang, known as Shorty, arrived in New York in 1963 and introduced Sichuan food and notably sesame noodles. Chen Lien Tang put the family name on many restaurants before retiring to spend time in China, New York and Taiwan. But he recently became bored. "He's getting old, and he felt the need to do it again, one last time," said his son, James Tang, who is also involved in the business. Last spring, the family opened Shorty Tang Noodles in Chelsea. 

Thanks to SKY TING YOGA for supporting our outdoor yoga series on Doyers Street the last few weeks in Chinatown! Sky Ting Yoga is based right here in Chinatown on Chrystie & Canal and another location not too far away on Broadway & White St in Tribeca. Check them out and support small business! #ExploreChinatown

Check out Mott and Bayard Eyewear: Bridging Culture and Style through Visionary Design

CPLDC wishes to thank Cathay Bank Foundation for all the trust & the continuous support of our community. Thk you #ElizabethLee #CathayBank

Forever Young and "Forever Moms": Pvt. Danny Chen would've been 25 this year but he will stay forever 19 and much like Vincent Chin would forever not get to marry or walk down the aisles and never get to say goodbye to their parents. Count our blessings and remember all the Forever Grieving Mothers who lost their child unexpectedly every day & in every which way. We can never console them enough!!!

Chinese-American Family Demands Answers After 'Tough' Marine Daughter Allegedly Commits Suicide

The family of Miriam Elizabeth Liu, the Chinese-American marine who was found dead at a military base in Yuma, Arizona, on September 24, is not entirely convinced that their daughter died of suicide.The autopsy report, which was conducted by authorities independent of the military, said the 19-year-old's death was not caused by any external factors, rape, or drugs, People's Daily Online reported.

By 顏嘉瑩

市消防局27歲緊急救護員(EMT)梁凱文上月30日晚間,命喪考西斯科橋(Kosciuszko Bridge,華人俗稱「日本橋」),肇事車主逃逸。痛失愛子的父親梁國庭6日向社區求助,希望能早日找到肇事司機。市警總局交通安全局總監、三星警司陳文業辦公室則表明,橋上沒有監視器,肇事車輛也沒掛車牌,讓調查進度延宕。

By 朱蕾、牟蘭

加拿大遊戲開發公司「Big-O-Tree Games」一個命為「骯髒中餐館」(Dirty Chinese Restaurant)的遊戲,充斥種族主義和辱華內容,過去兩周遭多位民選官員、社區代表以及中國駐多倫多總領事館的強烈譴責。該公司5日發表道歉聲明,並從各個移動平台撤下遊戲。

Oct -3-17 
By 侨报纽约网报道


A 'Popular Jewelry' Spot in Chinatown
 Paper Sculptures: Tackling the Golden Venture through Art
Happy Friday! Feels and looks like spring time today in Chinatown. Get out and smell the flowers while you can. 

The latest addition to the Nom Wah family is finally here! Located in the former Fung Tu space, we bring you a more casual and intimate experience for dining and imbibing. 

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