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Check out our directory of over 100 restaurants and shops (updated daily) in Chinatown currently doing takeout and delivery. Please use, share, and eat! We thank neighborhood resident Stanley Zheng for helping import our list into AirTable and for supporting Chinatown.

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紐約州自16日晚間開始實施防疫命令,要求餐館僅能提供外送、外賣,不可堂吃,讓不少中餐館業者無法繼續苦撐而選擇直接暫停營業;曼哈頓華埠共有300多間餐館,為了幫助業者能夠度過難關,華埠商改區在命令宣布後,隨即與社區中餐館業者合作,列出百間仍有營業餐館的「外送外賣清單」 ,在短短時間內就吸引大量網友點閱分享,更有原本已經決定歇業的餐館再度重新營業。
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為進一步加強防控,保證所有非必須行業員工最大程度在家隔離,紐約州州長葛謨(Andrew Cuomo)和新州、康州和賓州州長20日決定從21日(周六)晚8時起關閉周內理髮店、美甲店和個人護理相關服務店面,重開日期未確定。

NY, CT, NJ, and PA will temporarily close all barber shops, nail & hair salons, tattoo shops, & similar services effective tomorrow, Saturday, March 21, at 8PM.

Mortgage payments, credit card fees and ATM fees will be waived in New York as the state grapples with the economic impact of its novel coronavirus response, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday.

Banks and financial institutions will waive mortgage payments for 90 days for those with financial hardship as well as fees related to deposits and withdrawals as directed by the state's Department of Finance, said Cuomo.

A trio of lonely souvenir stores remained open in Chinatown on Thursday as the coronavirus crisis continued to pummel Big Apple businesses, turning some of the city’s most bustling shopping streets into ghost towns.

“Who is going to pay our rent? We made $100 today. I need to pay rent for my house,” said Safikul Uzzal, 28, who owns two of the open stores, Shah Jalal Gift Shop on Canal Street and Gifts and Souvenirs on Mulberry Street.

While some mainstream retail chain stores have run out of items like toilet paper, medicines, water, rice and canned foods, many supermarkets run by Chinese and Korean immigrants have adequate supply. At these stores, things look no different from ordinary times, with the number of customers the same. Many Chinese shoppers said that while non-Chinese New Yorkers were slow in their reaction to the pandemic, many Chinese New Yorkers prepared early. 
Over the last 100 years, Chinatown’s Nom Wah Tea Parlor has survived crashes, recessions, depressions, tong wars, terrorist attacks, hurricanes, floods, and fires. The only thing missing was pestilence. Until now. Like every other New York City restaurant, it shut down last week. Now the crook of Doyer Street is deserted and the dumplings are unmade. The question is, How long can it last? On Tuesday, March 17, Grub Street spoke to Wilson Tang, Nom Wah’s owner, about his long-term prospects and the future of Chinatown.
Grace Young shares about how Coronavirus has affected Manhattan's Chinatown.
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Raffle Drawing Postponed
Drawing will take place sometime in the near future after groups are able to gather together. Stay tuned and stay healthy!
Assistance & Guidance for Businesses Impacted Due to Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Unemployment Insurance
NY State is waiving the 7-Day waiting period for Unemployment Insurance benefits for people who are out of work due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) closures or quarantines. To file for unemployment insurance, visit:  
Financial Assistance for Small Businesses  
Learn about financial assistance for NYC Businesses impacted by COVID-19 including the NYC Employee Retention Grant Program and the the NYC Small Business Continuity Fund HERE .
如果您在纽约市的小型企业受COVID-19影响,请到 或打电话到311取得与补助、更新及其它更多信息。
Find out how the U.S. Small Business Administration is supporting small businesses impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19) - up to $2 million in disaster assistance loans. Learn more

美国小企业管理局(SBA)为受冠状病毒 (COVID-19)影响的小企业提供多达200万美元的灾难援助贷款
(Courtesy of Museum of Food and Drink )
AAFE’s small business affiliate, Renaissance Economic Development Corporation, has established an Emergency Small Business Relief Fund to support businesses in the community hard hit by the coronavirus scare. Funding will allow Renaissance to provide financial assistance to business owners who are facing the biggest challenge since the devastating 9/11 attacks two decades ago.

Asian Americans are advocating #WashTheHate in an effort to combat Coronavirus racism.
The campaign began yesterday with a series of videos posted to social media from prominent Asian Americans. In each clip, participants are seen washing their hands in accordance with the CDC’s recommendations as well as sharing how the pandemic has affected them.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly referred to COVID-19 as the "Chinese virus," raising concerns among civil rights groups and political leaders about a corresponding increase in discrimination and racist violence against U.S. residents of Asian and Pacific island descent.

Now a new online reporting center has been established to collect and track such incidents, including "hate violence, adult harassment, discrimination, shunning, and child bullying" in California and across the U.S.

NY Presbyterian Nurse Makes Racist Remarks on Instagram Regarding Chinese People/Food
There's something spreading faster than the coronavirus...racism

Keep Up To Date With The Following Sources

NYC (Official website of the City of New York)

Text: COVID to 692692 for text updates from NYC
CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)
WHO (World Health Organization)
HHS (Health and Human Services)

This is an opportunity for New York State-certified healthcare workers to provide community care for patients in need during this challenging time.

Please fill out the survey to add your name to the list and be considered for employment as surge staffing. You will be contacted with further instructions on how to input license information if your assistance is needed.
Price Gouging is ILLEGAL for ANY Item or Service Needed to Limit the Spread of COVID-19

Be sure to compare prices when shopping. If you think a store excessively increased the price of these items beginning in March, file a complaint online or call 311 and say "Overcharge."

2020 Census: Fill Out Your Form Today
Every ten years the census aims to get a count of everyone living in the United States. The more accurate the data, the more opportunities our community will get to receive public funding. Shape your future. Start here. Complete the census at 2020CENSUS.GOV

每十年一次的人ロ普查,目的在于统计居住在美国的每一个人。数据越确切,我们社区发展就更有机会获得公共资金的补助。你我未来,由此展开。请上 2020CENSUS.GOV/zh-hans