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Toys For Tots Giveaway in Chinatown (12/17/22)

「玩具贈兒童」活動 17/12登場 1萬件玩具免費發放社區兒童

Join the Chinatown Partnership/Chinatown BID and our generous sponsors/partners on Saturday, Dec 17 in Chinatown to celebrate the holidays! This year 10,000 toys will be given out to all the good children by Santa at Columbus Park, in collaboration with his elves from Marine Toys For Tots. Please note that the event will take place rain or shine, attendees should social distance while waiting on the queue, and that toys will be given out at random per child.

The primary goal of Marine Toys for Tots is, through the gift of a new toy, help bring the joy of Christmas and send a message of hope to America's less fortunate children.

Photo by Susan Soo

AZIMUTH @ Pike Street Mall

Photo by Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong

AZIMUTH, created by Cheryl Wing-Zi Wong, is a recycled public artwork, previously installed in Washington DC as MERIDIAN. After over a year and a half outdoors, the modules were transported to New York City, rehabbed and transformed with a vibrantly colored makeover. Along with the final touches of a new ground mural, AZIMUTH provides a new community gathering spot on the Pike Street Mall, between East Broadway and Division Street. The pavilion activates this empty and underused public park median, creating a new place to pause, frolic and play. More Info

Business Assistance

Ensure your signage is up to date. Check out the updated Required Signs for NYC Restaurants and Bars checklist, created by the NYC Department of Small Business Services in partnership with the NYC Hospitality Alliance. https://www.nyc.gov/.../pdf/nycchecklist_restaurantsigns.pdf

Commercial Lease Assistance: If your business needs help with a commercial lease issue in New York City, you may be eligible for free legal services. https://www.nyc.gov/.../commercial-lease-assistance-program

Financing Assistance: Want to find the grants and loans you might be eligible for? Access 1-on-1 support, webinars, and more. Visit nyc.gov/financingassistance

Restaurant Owners: Earn $50 in a NYC Research Study https://docs.google.com/.../1FAIpQLSe7jKWLHn9T.../viewform


Prevent serious illness and complications this winter by getting your COVID-19 booster and flu shot: nyc.gov/vaccinefinder

透過接種 COVID-19 加強劑和流感疫苗,預防今年冬天的嚴重疾病和併發症:nyc.gov/vaccinefinder

Some tips to prepare:

  • Minor coastal flooding is possible. If you live in a coastal neighborhood that floods, make a plan to protect your property, particularly in basements or garages.
  • On Friday, be cautious while traveling. Leave extra time to get to your destination. Drive slowly through high winds and rain, and be extra aware of pedestrians at intersections.
  • Before Friday, remove loose items from your yard, terrace, or rooftop. During high winds loose items can become projectiles!

D.A. Bragg Announces $9 Million To Address Mental Health And Substance Abuse

New Grant Programs Seeks to Address Recidivism and Help People Successfully Navigate Complex Bureaucracy to Get Help They Need

  • Up to $6 million for “Neighborhood Navigators.” These professionally trained individuals will work directly with unhoused individuals who may have mental health challenges or substance use issues and connect them with services.
  • Up to $3 million to place “Court-Based Navigators” in all Criminal Court arraignment parts. These professionally trained individuals will serve a similar high-needs population to the Neighborhood Navigators and will additionally focus on individuals who have a history of recidivism.

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