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Snow Alert for Weds, 12/16
  • DSNY Issues ‘Snow Alert’ for Wednesday, December 16, 2020 at 2 p.m.
  • Roadway Dining is Suspended for the Duration of the Snow Alert for the Safety of Patrons
  • Alternate Side Parking Suspended for Wednesday and Thursday; Meters will be in effect

Total accumulations of 8 or more inches are possible, with the potential for localized higher accumulations. All winter weather information and information about the City’s response to the storm can be found by visiting the City’s Severe Weather website at www.nyc.gov/severeweather or by calling 311.

Roadway dining during this Snow Alert MUST CLOSE by 2pm on Wednesday, December 16. The City will notify restaurants when they could reopen roadway seating for outdoor dining. Based on the current forecast, the City estimates that this Snow Alert will be over on Thursday evening, allowing restaurants to reopen, but this may change to the morning of Friday, December 18 based on actual accumulations and roadway conditions.

At this time, the City is not asking that restaurants remove any barriers or structures for roadway dining.
Guidance for Open Restaurants

During this Snow Alert:

  • Diners may not sit in roadway setups. Restaurants should remove or secure any tables and chairs in the roadway.
  • All electrical heaters in roadway must be removed.
  • If possible, restaurants should remove any overhead coverings, or regularly remove the snow from overhead coverings until the snow alert ends.

Restaurant owners may find additional information to prepare their spaces for snow at https://www1.nyc.gov/html/dot/html/pedestrians/openrestaurants.shtml.

As a reminder, property owners, including restaurants with outdoor dining structures, may NOT push snow into the street. This impedes snow clearing operations and is illegal. Snow may be moved against the building, to the curb line, or areas on private property. Sidewalks should be passable for all pedestrians, including a minimum 4-foot clear path, where possible.

  • DSNY發布2020年12月16日(星期三)下午2點的“降雪警報”
  • 雪路警告期間暫停道路用餐,以確保顧客的安全
  • 週三和周四的備用側停車位;儀表將生效


在下雪警告期間,必須在12月16日(星期三)下午2點之前關閉道路用餐。紐約市將通知餐廳何時可以重新開放道路座位進行室外用餐。根據當前的 預測,紐約市估計本次降雪警報將在周四晚上結束,從而使餐館可以重新營業,但根據實際堆積情況和道路狀況,這可能會更改為12月18日星期五上午。


  • 食客可能不會坐在巷道中。餐館應移除或固定道路上的任何桌子和椅子。
  • 必須拆除巷道中的所有電加熱器。
  • 可能的話,餐廳應除去任何高架覆蓋物,或定期清除高架覆蓋物上的積雪,直到降雪警報結束。


Indoor Dining Update
To mitigate the spread of COVID-19, food establishments will not be permitted to offer indoor dining beginning on Monday, December 14

If you are a restaurant owner whose establishment is permitted to offer outdoor dining, you may still sign up to participate in the Open Restaurants program by visiting nyc.gov/openrestaurants. If you are already participating, you may use the same link to check siting requirements and ensure your set up is compliant.   

Remember: New York State’s current guidance for outdoor and take-out/delivery food services permits restaurants to install a temporary or fixed cover (i.e. awning, roof, or tent) only if two (2) or more side walls are open. 

If your structure has fewer than two (2) side walls open, it is considered an indoor dining area and therefore cannot be used for dining unless:

  • a) you modify the structure to be compliant with New York State’s guidelines; 
  • or b) State officials announce that indoor dining may resume. 

If you would like to ensure that your set up is compliant with Open Restaurant requirements, you may request a virtual compliance consultation by visiting nyc.gov/bizconsult


如果您是一家餐廳老闆,其營業場所被允許提供戶外用餐,則您仍然可以訪問nyc.gov/openrestaurants 來註冊以參加“開放餐廳”計劃。如果您已經參加了會議,則可以使用相同的鏈接來檢查選址要求,並確保您的設置符合要求。



  • a)您修改結構以符合紐約州的準則;
  • 或 b)州官員宣布室內用餐可以恢復。

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