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NYC LMI Storefront Loan
紐約市 LMI 店面貸款申請指南
NYC LMI Storefront Loan is an interest-free loan up to $100,000 to help storefront businesses located in low-to-moderate income (LMI) areas of New York City restart or continue operations after experiencing challenges from COVID-19.

  • Loan amount: up to $100,000 
  • Loan term: 60 months, including no payments the first six months 
  • Interest rate: 0% 
  • Pre-payment penalty: none 
  • Closing fee: $300 (only if loan is approved)

Who Can Apply? 

  • Operate in one of these eligible ZIP codes (10002 for Chinatown/Lower East Side area)
  • Employ between 2-99 employees in total across all locations 
  • Have been in operation since January 1, 2018, or before 
  • Be cash flow positive in 2019 and be able to demonstrate the ability to repay 
  • Have no personal or business tax liens or legal judgements within the past three years 
  • Provide a personal guarantee for the loan. All owners of 20% or more of the business must co-sign on the loan and must have an average personal credit score of 625 or higher. 

NYC LMI店面貸款是一項高達100,000美元的無息貸款,旨在幫助位於紐約市中低收入(LMI)地區的店面企業在遇到COVID-19挑戰後重啟或繼續運營。

  • 貸款金額:最高$ 100,000 
  • 貸款期限:60個月,前六個月不付款 
  • 利率:0% 
  • 預付款罰金:無 
  • 手續費:$ 300(僅在批准貸款的情況下)


  • 使用以下合格郵政編碼之一進行操作 (唐人街/下東城地區為10002)
  • 在所有地點總共僱用2-99名員工 
  • 自2018年1月1日或之前開始運營 
  • 在2019年使現金流量為正並能夠證明還款能力 
  • 在過去三年中沒有個人或營業稅留置權或法律判決 
  • 為貸款提供個人擔保。所有擁有20%或更多業務的所有者必須共同簽署貸款,並且平均個人信用分數必須達到625或更高。 
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