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網絡研討會: 餐飲服務開業和營運準則 (8/21/20)
Virtual Consultation on Open Restaurants (in Chinese)
紐約市小企業服務部 (SBS) 與紐約市市議員陳倩雯 (New York City Council Member Margaret Chin) 和華埠共同發展機構 (Chinatown Partnership Local Development Corporation) 合作舉辦一個網絡研討會,內容涉及餐飲服務開業和營運準則。


來自多個市政府部門的代表會隨時回答有關開啟, 營運或重新開放您的餐飲業務的任何問題。 紐約市小企業服務部和合作夥伴將提供以下信息:

  • 開啟和營運食品服務機構的要求和準則
  • 法規變更
  • 員工支持
  • 紐約市交通局開放餐廳要求和準則
  • 開啟, 營運或重新開放您的餐飲業務的最佳做法等等

登錄網絡研討會的鏈接會在活動開始前兩天和活動開始前20分鐘發送到你的電郵地址。 請檢查您的電子郵件收件箱和垃圾郵件箱。

Free Virtual Consultation for Chinatown Businesses
with Harvard Business School Club of New York
8/20, 10am: SCENARIO PLANNING - Webinar and Discussion Planning for different potential situations is essential for most companies – small business in particular. Not exactly a budgeting process, scenario planning allows you look forward and plan for potential events and then manage your cost structure accordingly. Scenario Planning is not a one-time, static approach to management – it is a dynamic process, one that you should update regularly so you don’t get caught unaware by future events. If your customer base returns quickly, what kinds of cost increases can you afford? If the City shuts down again, what steps should you immediately take?

8/22, 10am: OFFICE HOURS - This is an open discussion designed to answer general questions about particular issues your businesses may have. Plus, it’s a great forum for business owners to exchange ideas among themselves. What issues are you struggling with? Do any others have the same ones? How are they handling it? Normally, we suggest participants supply a few opening questions to start the discussion and then it becomes an interactive give and take. These sessions have been a particular favorite with the community.

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LISC-Lowe's Neighborhood Business Grants (Deadline 8/23)
Thanks to extraordinarily generous funding from Lowe's, LISC is inviting small business owners in 15 locations across America to apply for the LISC-Lowe's Neighborhood Business Grants program. The application period is now open. Apply here.

由地方倡議支持公司(Local Initiatives Support Corporation,LISC)與連鎖店Lowe's設立的「鄰里企業補助金」(Neighborhood Business Grants)日前已開放全美15個地區申請,其中紐約市也包含在內;該補助金將優先發給由少數族裔、婦女和退伍軍人擁有,受到疫情影響嚴重的企業,申請通過者將可獲得5000至2萬元不等的補助金,提交申請截止日為23日(周日)晚
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This summer, The New York Times is commemorating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage. But Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton are not the focus.

Although their pioneering reform efforts in the 1800s helped women gain the right to vote when the 19th Amendment became part of the Constitution on Aug. 26, 1920, the goal of the project is to introduce readers to some of the many other women who were pivotal to the cause, Veronica Chambers, the project’s lead editor, said.
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