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Chinatown Community Land Trust

Community Forum (2/3/23)

Property owners within the Chinatown BID service area are invited to join us tomorrow evening, Feb 3, at 49 Madison Street, for a community forum with the Chinatown Community Land Trust. Qualified property owners will also receive a voucher for limited number of security cameras. Refreshments will also be served.

Lunar New Year Celebrations

Continue This Weekend

2/4 – Super Saturday Lion Dances

10am to 7pm, Throughout Chinatown

2/12 – Lunar New Year Parade & Festival

1pm to 3pm, Starting at Mott Street/Canal Street

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2/5 - Lantern Festival

Final day of the Lunar New Year is Sunday, Feb 5, 2023. In ancient Chinese society, it was the only day when young girls were allowed to go out to admire the lanterns and meet boys. As a result, it’s also been dubbed Chinese Valentine’s Day.

Business & Residential Assistance

If you’re a NYC-based business – a startup, growth-stage, or needing a boost after the pandemic – the NYC Small Business Opportunity Fund is a trusted, affordable way to invest in your business.

  • No minimum credit score required
  • Loans up to $250,000 at 4% fixed interest rate
  • Free business support
  • Easy to apply
  • No application fee

紐約市7500萬機遇基金 助小商家「低息」貸款

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NYC Environmental Protection launched a new amnesty program. Customers in all tax classes and with any amount of water bill debt are eligible. The Amnesty Program will offer customers up to 100% forgiveness of accrued interest if they pay all or part of their outstanding debt and enter into a payment agreement. There is still further support available for low-income water customers.

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Prevent serious illness and complications this winter by getting your COVID-19 booster and flu shot: nyc.gov/vaccinefinder

透過接種 COVID-19 加強劑和流感疫苗,預防今年冬天的嚴重疾病和併發症:nyc.gov/vaccinefinder